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These teachers use ChatGPT to grade their students (wait, what ?!)

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Clearly, things are moving very quickly in terms of AI. While tools like ChatGPT are often criticized when used by students, we are learning that some teachers are now using a language model to evaluate their papers.

This is happening in the United States where a new service called Writable uses ChatGPT to help certain teachers correct homework. This concerns work completed from CE2 to Terminale, reports Axios.

According to our colleagues, the initiative is not anecdotal because this AI was bought by the company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a publishing giant whose textbooks are used in 90% of primary and secondary schools.

How does this work in practice?? The teacher first submits a topic to the students as usual. They must return their copies by email and they are then provided to Writable who analyzes and provides initial feedback. It is then up to professionals to modify and correct them.

Big questions about this tool

The idea is simply to save them time to carry out this task and devote themselves to other missions such as lesson preparation or direct support to students.

But from the outset, real limits appear. Will teachers who do not spend enough time reading an assignment be able to provide relevant assessments and advice to children?? It is also common for AI to go off the rails. If the teacher is not sufficiently attentive, we could see certain students overrated or undervalued.

We can also ask ourselves another legitimate question: will teachers still be credible when they prohibit their students from using ChatGPT, if they themselves use this tool to correct their copies ? Only the future will answer these questions.

In any case, the time has come for trial and error when it comes to AI in education. Recently, we explained to you how AI sometimes creates tense situations in classrooms. According to a study by the Center for Democracy and Technology, a think tank, 90% of teachers say they are more suspicious of children than in the past, and many suspect them of using these new models language to cheat. You can find this survey in more detail here.

What to remember:

  • A new tool based on ChatGPT is used by teachers in the United States
  • It allows them to correct the copies of students
  • This saves them time, but is not without raising real questions

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