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This new AI from Google plays video games better... than you

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A few weeks ago, Google launched Bard, with one of the company’s latest, most advanced models, Gemini Pro, in our country. The American giant then explained that its conversational AI was “particularly effective for understanding, summarizing, reasoning, coding and planning”. Today, Google’s DeepMind division introduced SIMA, another form of artificial intelligence, capable of (among other things) engaging in… to video games such as 벳센세이션.

SIMA: AI capable of playing video games, by Google

Indeed, if the AI ​​Genie (still at Google) is able to create video games from simple requests, with SIMA (for Scalable Instructable , Multiworld Agent), Google wishes to demonstrate another form of artificial intelligence, capable of playing a video game like any human being would.

To develop SIMA, Google announces that it has collaborated very closely with various giants in the sector, such as Hello Games, Embracer, Tuxedo Labs and Coffee Stain. Google’s AI was notably able to prove its worth on certain very well-known games, such as No Man’s Sky or Goat Simulator 3.

To function, SIMA has no need to access any source code or third-party program, since the AI ​​will come and analyze the images automatically. ;screen and instructions provided… just like any human player would do.

This new AI from Google plays video games better... than you

© Google

SIMA uses the keyboard and mouse outputs to control the central character of the game to carry out these instructions. This simple interface is the one humans use, meaning SIMA can potentially interact with any virtual environment” promises Google.

According to the co-leader of the SIMA project: “The SIMA results show the potential for the development of a new wave of & #8217;general and language-focused AI agents.#8221; Currently, SIMA is able to cover just over 500 basic skills, but eventually the AI ​​should be able to have a wider range of functionalities, including the possibility of exchanging with other players.

It now remains to be seen when AI will fully integrate our video games, with the possibility of one day facing, perhaps, human opponents and opponents doped with AI. #8217;AI (the real one) in a multiplayer game. To be continued.

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