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Why is Starlink likely to be banned in France?

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Starlink does not appeal to everyone in France. In fact, the company, a subsidiary of the SpaceX group led by Elon Musk, is far from having all the necessary authorizations to carry out its activity in the territory. An administrative irregularity which could have serious consequences for the company.

Anssi, the agency in charge of information systems security, confirmed this information a few days ago to our colleagues in the informed. She explained in her speech on Starlink which could lose the right to operate on French soil for a few weeks if things do not return to order quickly.

Because it is not here a question of a simple signature on a document, the matter is in fact much more serious. The French authorities have virtually never had the slightest contact with the Starlink executives. The latter do not seem to be in a hurry to provide news.

A multi-million dollar fine

The affair is growing so big that the defense electronic communications commission, the CCED, has just taken charge of the matter to move things forward. If the CCED succeeds in demonstrating that Starlink knowingly avoided the requests of the French authorities, in terms of transparency and compliance with certain standards, Arcep could then take action.

The electronic communications regulatory agency could then impose the largest fine in the history of Starlink in France. According to the law, the latter could reach 3% of the company's turnover ($1.4 billion).

Starlink, a very useful solution in France

Another risk taken by Starlink, the possibility of dismantling the two signal reception sites based in France. Arriving in France two years ago, Starlink has since managed to find a place in thousands of homes. This satellite internet solution is very useful for people in constant movement (van, travelers), but also for individuals located in “white areas”.

The French, Pyrenean or Alpine mountains are two huge white zones and the inhabitants of these regions do not always have access to a fast and reliable internet connection. Starlink is then their only solution.

The disappearance of the network in France is, however, quite unlikely. In all likelihood Starlink will quickly correct the situation with the French authorities in order to keep its service afloat in the coming months.

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