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Voleuses (Netflix): 3 reasons to watch this French film which is a worldwide hit

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This is one of Netflix's new European creations that is getting a lot of talk: Thieves was released on Netflix last week. Since then, this French film has been the most viewed feature film on the platform. Return in 3 points on the reasons for success.

1) An effective story

Voleuses is an adaptation of the comic book La Grande Odalisque. Netflix offers an official synopsis of this feature film:

Carole and Alex are two genius thieves, and best friends since forever. Under the control of Godmother for years, they dream of being free. With the help of Sam, a motorcycle champion, they embark on a final adventure to free themselves from this life on the run.

So far, nothing very original, and this story recalls many films about thefts and heists starting with Ocean's 8, Red Notice, or even Logan Lucky. However, this fairly classic pitch allows us to see successful action scenes coupled with dialogues that hit the mark.

In short, and according to the admission of people who have already seen this feature- feature, this film is perfectly cut for a good evening on Netflix. We won't say more to leave you to discover this original creation.

2) An incredible cast

Voleusesis directed by Mélanie Laurent who also appeared in front of the camera to play the role of Carole. At his side, we find a range of very talented French actors: Adèle Exarchopoulos (The Animal Kingdom, BAC Nord), Manon Bresch (Mortel , Plus belle la vie), Félix Moati (La Vraie famille, Hippocrates), Philippe Katerine (Le Monde is yours, Gainsbourg), or Isabelle Adjani (La Reine Margot, L'Été Murderer).

3) A worldwide success

Voleusesobtains good audiences in France, but it is also a worldwide success. The specialized site FlixPatrol lists this feature film in first position in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey, or even Switzerland.

The press reviews are quite nuanced, some criticizing Mélanie Laurent's film for being a little too bland, while others praise a spectacle for the general public which accomplishes its mission very well. On the other hand, the public is responding very well, as we can see with these very flattering audience scores. We can, however, note that some Internet users reacted on the social network >Have you ever watched Thieves on Netflix, and if so, what did you think of it? Tell us in the comments.

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