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Your house loses up to 20% of its value because of a mandatory document that is unreliable

“Your house loses up to 20% of its value due to a mandatory document that is unreliable”

Owners are sometimes forced to lower their prices due to a highly criticized administrative obligation.

With credit rates still very high, selling your house or apartment at the desired price is easy. is a miracle. Buyers are no longer jostling and, seeing their capacity; borrowing decrease, try to pull prices down. For sellers, agree to transfer a property to the seller. a price lower than that of its purchase or without added value is often difficult à cash in. Especially since the amount of the transaction can sometimes be reduced. by a document whose reliability is called into question.

Before definitively selling their apartment or house, any owner must recalculate the surface area of ​​their home, have the annual consumption assessed and the consumption calculated. éelectricityé and/or gas of the property and carry out various inspections of the electrical installation, the presence of asbestos, termites and lead, natural risks and pollution around housing. So many mandatory formalities which can only be carried out by a professional, for 100%. 250 euros.

All results are compiled together. in a single document, called&eac; Energy performance diagnosis (DPE). Among all these evaluated elements, energy consumption is the most scrutinized: new housing, good isolated and who consumes little to heat it will be noted; A, B or C, while an old, poorly insulated home and very energy-intensive will have an E, F or G assigned to it. An average accommodation will be classified; D.

However, the results of the DPE are not necessarily reliable, even though they have a significant impact on the sale price of the property. According to the Notaries of France, a notation in E, F or G causes you to lose à a house up to 'à 22% of its value and up to 12% for an apartment.

Comparisons carried out by the 60 million consumers association and the HelloWatt organization show that for the same good, the R' The results of the DPE are not the same depending on the professionals who carry them out: the same house has been damaged. classified B and D by two various companies, another C and E, when other accommodations received, on one side, a A, B or C, before being noted E, F or G on the other.

The latest investigation points to another lack of reliability. of the document. Carried out by the Economic Analysis Council (CAE), this estimates that the results of energy consumption of housing given in the DPE are largely erroneous and, above all, largely overestimated.

According to the DPE calculation formulas, between a home classified G and another classified A, heating expenses would be multiplied by six. However, in reality, they would not even double, after analyzing the banking data of 180,000 people . The true amount of energy costs for classified housing G by the DPE would in fact correspond to à classified accommodation C by the DPE, according to the elements published by Les Echos. And the consumption of each class would be much less than estimated. A buyer purchasing a thermal strainer would therefore not be as loser as advertised. Sellers should not fail to brandish this study to counter the demand for price reductions

The questions surrounding the Energy Performance Diagnosis led to a first modification of the calculation method. This will allow à 140,000 small-scale housing units to be better rated and no longer be considered energy-intensive, probably &agrav; from July 1, 2024. Enough to further fuel the debate on the interest of the DPE, already in progress. widely questioned.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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