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All these rent increases are illegal and few tenants know it

The increase in rent obeys certain rules which, sometimes, are not respected by the owners.

"Annual rent review". Receive a letter with this title is never good news for a tenant. However, if the contract signed with the owner foresees it, it is all up to you. It is a legal fact that each year the amount increases. However, this must be done within certain rules. The owner cannot freely decide on the increase. Everything is supervised. by the law. However, many tenants have little or no knowledge of the regulations and may be harmed.

In large cities in particular, où competition is fierce to obtain accommodation, owners do not hesitate to buy it. exceed the laws while tenants, not wishing to lose their homes, often comply with the requirements. However, rights belong to them and it is all à possible to assert them, in particular to contest the increase in rent.

First of all, the first rule is: know is that this increase can only occur once a year, at least once a year. the anniversary date of the lease, if this is provided for in the clauses of the contract. If nothing is written, the owner cannot demand additional remuneration.

Then, this revaluation is capped. Each year, it cannot exceed a certain amount. Since 2022, the rent could not increase by more than 3.5% per year. From April 1, 2024, the maximum rate of increase will be 4.10 or 4.20%, depending on calculations from the site Boursier.com.

So, if your rent is 500€, it cannot exceed 521€. If it is 1000€, the new amount must be, at most, 1042€. We must also keep in mind that if an owner does not increase rent from one year to the next, he cannot applying a higher increase as compensation, it's illegal.

Furthermore, it is forbidden for certain owners to carry out any damage. the increase in rent. Since August 2022, all homes whose Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) is classified as energy efficient. F or G cannot be subject to revision, the increase in rent. This is strictly prohibited by law. This document must have been completed given when the tenant enters the accommodation. If the rent increases despite a DPE F or G, you can take action against your owner, as well as demand the transmission of the document if he has not given it to you. &agrav; your arrival.

These regulated or prohibited rent increases discussed here only concern the portion paid to the owner for housing, not charges. The latter can "freely" increase according to the trustee's bills for the common areas or according to your water and/or gas consumption and their increase is not regulated.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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