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Pensions will suddenly, and without doing anything, increase for many retirees.

Voilà a welcome boost for withdrawals. Or rather, a fair return of things for them. The retirement pension of around one million former workers will be higher when the month of April is paid. Within a few days, therefore, the sum which will appear in the bank account will be increased, on average, by around 50 euros, every month, i.e. an additional 600 euros per year.

This sum – which obviously differs depending on each person's situation – is the result of a change in the calculation of the supplementary retirement pension Payment paid by Agirc-Arrco. If the supplementary pension organization had made the announcement during the fall, the information did not remain available. e in the heads of everyone involved.

The structure that pays former private sector employees has in fact decided; to put an end to à its penalty system. This penalized those who stopped working as soon as they had reached the full rate. During the first three years of their retirement, the amount of their supplementary pension was reduced. by 10%.

But it's now over! ! From the next payment of Agirc-Arrco (April 2), the penalty will no longer be applied. All people affected by this system (those who retired between May 1, 2021 and November 30, 2023) will therefore see their supplementary pension increase by 10 %. Be careful à not taking into account the entirety of the of your retirement income to simulate your gain: the basic pension paid by the CNAV must be excluded from the calculation.

Concretely, if Agirc-Arrco paid you until now 300 euros in supplementary retirement, these are now 330 euros you will receive. If you received 500 euros, 550 euros will arrive. And so on. However, no catch-up on previous months will be made.

This change, which has been in effect since 2019, takes place the continuation of the pension reform which pushed back the legal age of departure 64 years old. Initially, this penalty system had been implemented. put in place to encourage &agrav; work at least one more year. With its removal, the retirees concerned inherit a nice addition to their budget, welcome in the context of the rise in everyday prices .

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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