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This boss who pays his employees to drink beers has it all figured out

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This is an original initiative to say the least. As part of a program called 3-3-3, employees of the IT security company Verdaka are encouraged to leave work at 3 p.m. to participate in a happy hour paid for by their company.

A popular strategy

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In a podcast, Filip Kaliszan, CEO of Verkada, recently explained this strategy: “The idea is that it’s the afternoon and three people go out and spend time together, chances are you were talking about a relevant or work-related topic that will ultimately benefit us”.

In detail, Verkada employees receive up to $30 each to pay for their exit expenses. They are not required to notify their superiors. The only obligation imposed on them is to post a photo of their meeting in the Slack channel dedicated to this operation.

Employees seem to appreciate this method. To date, all 1,800 employees have participated at least once. Every day, at least four or five photos are posted to professional messaging.

As our colleagues at Business Insider, the company's management does not really appreciate teleworking, and following the pandemic, it quickly demanded that its teams return to work in the office. Beyond the display, we therefore have a hierarchy that is much less cool than it seems. The 3-3-3 initiative in any case has the merit of bringing employees together and allowing them to exchange ideas in a setting that takes them out of the office routine.

Do everything to retain your employees

In fact, some companies do everything to retain their employees and build their loyalty. This is the case of the Recolution group which, in 2022, decided to offer 4 days of all-expense paid vacation to its employees in Tenerife in Spain. Others visited the city of Barcelona. Cost of the operation: 135,000 dollars.

A strategy perfectly assumed by Dale Williams, who co-founded this Welsh group: the latter intended to reward his collaborators for their work during the pandemic and to show them his attachment.

< p>What to remember:

  • Employees of the Verdaka company are testing an initiative atypical
  • They can leave work in groups of three or more from 3 p.m. and enjoy a happy hour paid for by the company
  • The idea is to allow them to exchange ideas with each other in a different setting

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